Let us answer your most frequently asked questions.

Q: I don?t have a very large budget. Do I need a kitchen designer?

Just because you have a limited budget doesn?t mean you should limit your options. A designer can show you where it is important to spend your money and where you can be more efficient.

Q: How early in the project should I involve a kitchen designer?

As soon as possible. Involving a kitchen designer initially helps coordinate with other aspects of your building project or renovations, and can save costly alternations later on.

Q: If I already have an architect, do I need a kitchen designer?

Most architects will include a simple kitchen layout in your plans. But they often may treat the specific, detailed design of a kitchen as an additional service to the overall plans. This means additional costs. By using a kitchen designer, you will receive the benefits of experience and specialisation in this area.

Q: Is Stephanie Kusel Design affiliated with any particular joiners or other firms in the industry?

No ? she is an independent designer, but is happy to recommend quality joiners and trades people that she has worked with in the past.

Q: How long does this process take? How many stages are there?

Following an initial consultation of approximately an hour where ideas and objectives are discussed, Stephanie will produce concept drawings and recommendations. This is followed by fully dimensioned plans and elevations ready for quotation and manufacture. This process, from start to finish, takes approximately two to three weeks (excluding manufacture).

Q: Does Stephanie have a particular "style" to her designs?

No ? Stephanie understands that it is your kitchen. She designs to meet your tastes, but in keeping with the style of your home. Her previous designs have ranged from traditional and classic to modern and contemporary.



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